Mobile & Cloud Development

Zinnia Cloud Technologies is the division of Zinnia Holdings LLC dedicated to develop modern applications and solutions for the Cloud and to build modern Mobile applications. With its core origins centered in a team of Engineers graduated at Philipps-Universität Marburg in Germany, we have eight high skilled Software Engineers and Architects, able to deliver fast and meet business demands for new or advanced technologies. Our Engineers work on a 24x7 shift partnering with business and customers in different parts of the world, continuously bringing wealthy waves of new knowledge and skills.

Full stack, large scale development of Cloud based applications.

Our Engineering team builds custom solutions to meet business objectives and solve business problems. We have Cloud, Analyctics, Data Integration, Data Sciences covered by full stack development capabilities.

We are also building packaged services based on trends and common business problems for faster adoption and rapid economic justification.


Full stack development of modern native Android/IOS Apps

Our Engineering team can readily develop a stand alone mobile App, as well as the front-end or interface for any system solution you have running.

Full Stack Cloud & Mobile Development

and Data Integration, Data Sciences, Hybrid Environments


Globally distributed Engineering Team, readily available to help you today.

Your problem is never small for us.