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The aim of Zinnia is to bring new technologies into the world. We thrive on helping customers with discipline and innovation.

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October 1 — December 1

“Our passion goes beyond technology & applied sciences. Our customers, our obsession.”

We have now grown into a full stack development team. Our 7 certified Senior Software Engineers/Architects enjoy collaborating with and developing other teams into self-directed problem solvers to achieve outstanding results. Our passionate team accumulates 20 years of professional software development experience, including enterprise level software,

With expertise in full-stack server and client building/delivering large-scale web applications, portals, and websites on a modern web stack and web services. With ability to understand the functional business processes, related information technology needs and proposing a model to provide an efficient/effective solution. We can play various roles, from individual contributor to a leadership role.

Our Engineers deliver solutions with object oriented programming; database design & development skills, with knowledge in multiple programming languages and MVC frameworks including, but not limited to, PHP, Node.js, Python, JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, jQuery.

Meet our Team!

We have accumulate expertise in different development and operational environments (operating systems, web servers, and network configurations – various flavors of Linux, freeBSD, Apache, nGinX – to name a few).